With the legalization of electric bikes and scooters, it’s vital for individuals to recognize ways to stay safe, but it’s also critical to understand the potential dangers. Whenever there’s a larger vehicle that crashes into an electric bike or scooter, the likelihood of severe injuries is much greater than when two vehicles collide.

The e-bike, scooter and skateboard rider does not have the same protections that she or he would normally have in a passenger vehicle. The lack of a metal frame, seatbelts, airbags, and more make a crash involving these smaller vehicles significantly dangerous. Here are some of the problems that can arise after a crash with an electric scooter, e-bicycle or skateboard.

Possible Ejection from the Vehicle

The impact of a crash involving a passenger vehicle and an electric scooter or bike can lead to the rider being ejected from the vehicle. A skateboard rider can be violently thrown to the ground. This can lead to some of the worst injuries as the trauma involved can lead to head, neck, or back injuries.

In this type of accident, the rider is susceptible to significant dangers, especially when the driver in the motor vehicle is reckless. This is especially true of the reckless driver is operating a bus or truck where the seat is higher, and the driver must pay careful attention to the road.

More Traffic and More Crashes

The legalization of e-bikes and scooters means for more traffic on the streets, especially traffic that many drivers are not familiar with. There is already a large population of motorcyclists and bicyclists operating in NYC. More e-bikes and scooters from private companies means increases in traffic, which could lead to increased crashes.

Dangers Much Like Bicycle Accidents

Because these electric bikes, scooters, and skateboards travel at a slower speed, it’s easy for crashes to arise when cars speed or are otherwise reckless. In these matters, it’s the slower vehicle that is often at the most risk.

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