Electric scooters have become popular over the last few years and are available at major cities throughout New York and the United States. Bird, Lime, and other companies enable users to access e-scooters simply through a cellphone app.

However, these rentable scooters are dangerous. According to a Consumer Reports investigation, at least eight people in the U.S. have died and approximately 1,500 riders have suffered injuries while riding e-scooters since late 2017.

The following are the main reasons why e-scooters can lead to serious and fatal injuries:

  • E-scooters are fast – These scooters can reach speeds of up to 15 miles per hour, which can be too fast for inexperienced riders to handle. Accelerating at that speed can make it difficult to avoid unexpected road conditions and lead to a collision.
  • E-scooter riders are difficult to see – When you ride an e-scooter, you will be less visible to motorists. Since scooters are small, they can be easily obstructed by traffic signals, streetlights, poles, and other objects along the street.
  • E-scooter riders are not required to wear helmets – In many states, adult riders who are not wearing helmets while riding an e-scooter will not be punished by fines or other penalties. However, riding an e-scooter without a helmet can lead to traumatic brain injury or worse in the event of an accident.
  • E-scooter riders do not need a special license – You do not need to pass a test to operate an e-scooter, which means they can fall into the hands of inexperienced riders. Such riders often take more risks such as riding one scooter with multiple people or riding while under the influence.

The most common types of electric scooter accidents include riders getting struck by vehicles, riders colliding with pedestrians, or riders going over potholes or riding into debris on the road. So, if you are considering using an e-scooter, make sure you travel at slower speeds, be mindful of your surroundings, and always wear a helmet.

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