Each year, about 5,700 New Yorkers are seriously injured while crossing the street. These crashes happen all across the city, but is it possible that some crosswalks are more dangerous than others? To find out, we need to identify which NYC intersections are most dangerous for pedestrians.

A Look at the Data

Pedestrian crash data is reasonably well documented, in part thanks to CrashMapper, a service for reporting pedestrian crashes in Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs. Likewise, a report by the NYC Department of Transportation (DoT) keeps track of official records and has highlighted specific, high-risk intersections across the city. All this combined data tells a frightening story.

The 3 Most Dangerous Intersections

The three intersections we’ve highlighted below are not just places where pedestrians are struck most often. These are the places where pedestrians are seriously injured or even killed while crossing the road.

Baxter Ave and Broadway (Queens)

In 2020, the intersection outside Elmhurst hospital saw four pedestrians struck by cars. This four-way intersection has five crosswalks and no easy route onto 80th Street or Woodside Avenue. This area’s structure can leave pedestrians confused and may leave inexperienced travelers standing on a traffic island in the middle of the intersection.

Park Avenue and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd (Manhattan)

Last year, five people were struck at the intersection near Marcus Garvey Park. This intersection is covered from above by the subway tracks, is often under construction, and has narrow side streets, which can cause greater confusion for pedestrians and drivers alike. Even with traffic signals in every direction, this intersection is a hotspot for pedestrian crashes.

East Houston Street and Broadway (Manhattan)

Five pedestrians were hurt at this intersection in 2020, and it seems clear why. Houston street is one of the wider roads in lower Manhattan, with traffic in 18 different lanes and crosswalks split into six sections. Generally, the more lanes at an intersection, the greater the chance that someone makes a mistake and either misses a stoplight, turns when they don’t have the right of way, or otherwise makes a negligent maneuver that injures a pedestrian.

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