If you are like many others on the road who like a bit of freedom, there are many alternatives to vehicles of which you should be aware. However, these alternatives, such as motorcycles, bicycles, electric scooters, skateboards and more, all come with potential dangers.

As the new legalization of electric bikes and scooters starts to take place, there are bound to be more of these smaller vehicles on the road. If you intend to ride one, it’s vital for you to recognize the various ways that you can stay safe.

Stay Visible

Because it’s harder for motorists to see smaller vehicles, it’s important for you to stay as visible as possible. This means staying out of drivers’ blind spots, staying within your own lane, and wearing clothing that makes it easier for drivers to see you. Make sure your scooter or e-bike has reflectors and/or lights.

Follow Rules and Regulations

While there is a public push to expand the private use of electric scooters and bicycles, there must be rules and regulations that enforce safety. Speed limits, traffic laws, and more must take priority, and as a rider, you should follow all laws to ensure you stay as safe as possible.

Put Safety First

You should make sure that you are prepared in the event an accident does occur. Safety should be your top priority, which means wearing the proper equipment to avoid significant injuries. Helmets, safety clothing, and more may not prevent all injuries, but they do a good job keeping the damages to a minimum.

Watch for Negligence

Just as if you were driving a passenger vehicle, it’s important for you to take the steps to recognize any potential signs of negligence. If you see drivers on the road exhibiting any signs of recklessness, be sure to stay clear of them.

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