After an accident, you probably expect the insurance company to help you get back on track by reimbursing some, if not all, of your expenses. However, this is not always the case as the responsible party’s insurance company is unlikely to be concerned for you in the interest of protecting their own liability. As such, you must expect a certain degree of resistance and difficulty in obtaining the compensation you deserve. Unfortunately, the insurance company may lie in order to put you at fault for the incident and remove themselves from the picture entirely. Therefore, you must beware of any manipulation or dishonesty that will deter you off-course from your key goal of fighting for the settlement you are entitled to.Here are 3 of the most common lies that insurance companies tell unsuspecting victims:

  • “Your injuries are not severe enough.” – Despite what they tell you, your injuries warrant compensation. The insurance company will attempt to undermine your injuries to devalue your claim.
  • “If you don’t accept this offer, you won’t get anything.” – Insurance companies want you to accept the lowest possible settlement by cornering you into a hasty decision. Resist until your lawyer tells you to settle.
  • “Your injuries are from a prior incident.” – The most common attempted tactic to destabilize an injury claim is to shift blame onto a preexisting injury. However, you are still eligible for compensation if the responsible party’s negligence or misconduct has aggravated your condition.

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