When you’re struck by a car or a bike, the full extent of your injuries often isn’t immediately apparent. While you may feel only a little pain at first (often because of the numbing adrenaline), you may experience unexpected increases in pain and other symptoms in the following days. But what are these injuries and what should you do if you experience them? Allow us to explain.

Unexplained Sharp Pain

If you experience sharp pain in your limbs, arms, legs, wrist, ankles and elbows shortly after a crash, it may be warning signs of an undiagnosed hairline fracture. If you experience intense pain from moving, you should try to immobilize the affected limb and seek a doctor as soon as possible. If you wait to seek medical attention, the fracture could expand, potentially resulting in more severe injuries and a longer recovery time.

Likewise, if you experience sharp pain in your abdomen, seek immediate medical attention. In pedestrian crashes, the blunt force from the impact can cause organ damage or other internal injuries such as bleeding. If you experience severe abdominal pain or blood in your stool or urine after a crash, go to the hospital immediately.

Spinal Trauma

On the other hand, you may experience consistent dull pain, pressure, or stabbing feelings in your spine in the days following a crash. This can sometimes be a symptom of severe disc injury, a condition that is unlikely to resolve itself without medical attention.

Proving Your Injuries

When you’re in an accident, it’s best to air on the side of caution. You should always seek medical attention if you feel pain or discomfort following an accident. The sooner a doctor examines you and checks for injuries, the more likely you are to identify these conditions and prevent them from getting worse. If these injuries turn out to be life-changing or permanent, documentation of them soon after your accident will be important to prove that the particular body parts recorded were connected to the accident.

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