Were you in a car accident in New York? Are you pretty certain that it happened because you were the one who made a mistake? This is not a great situation to find yourself in, but you might have options to seek compensation and try to make things right.

PIP Insurance in New York

New York law requires its drivers to carry personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. This unique form of insurance will pay for medical bills and lost wages suffered by its policyholder after a car accident, regardless of who caused the crash. If you caused a car accident and were injured, then your PIP insurance coverage should provide some coverage to you.

Additionally, New York’s insurance laws prevent people from suing the other driver in many car accidents. As long as the other driver in your accident was not seriously injured, they cannot sue you or file against your auto insurance policy for damages. A serious injury is described as a full disability that lasts for 90 or more days, permanent disability to a body part or organ, significant disfigurement, or a broken bone. If the other driver was not seriously injured, then you should not have to worry about them trying to sue you because their PIP insurance should cover their damages.

You Might Not Be Liable After All

It is important that you don’t decide arbitrarily that you are liable for the car accident you were in. It is quite often that the details of a car accident get cloudy and confusing, including in the moments that immediately follow it. You might think you caused the crash, but you really don’t know that you did until an investigation can be completed.

Imagine if you said you caused the car accident and accepted full liability, only to learn later that the other driver was found to be intoxicated and texting at the time of the collision. Assuming that you did something wrong could completely jeopardize your chances of recovering compensation, and it might end up causing you significantly if you get sued, despite not being liable. The safest bet is to assume that you aren’t liable and let an investigation figure it out.

Also, if you are assuming that you aren’t liable for your accident, then you can also assume that the other driver is liable. In that case, you should see if you can file a claim against them for the damages caused by your serious injuries. Talk with a local car accident attorney to understand your options.

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