Most people who are injured in a car accident can probably attest to the overwhelming stress and panic associated with this type of event. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that many victims of car accidents aren’t exactly thinking about gathering evidence and witness statements; however, skipping out on gathering witness statements can have a very negative impact on a car accident lawsuit or insurance claim. Continue reading to learn what car accident witness statements are and why they matter.

What Is a Car Accident Witness Statement?

Individuals who witnessed a car accident may be asked by the authorities to provide a witness statement. This is a detailed description provided by the witness explaining what happened. To be considered a relevant source, the witness must have witnessed the accident with their own eyes.

Witness statements should include any details that can help paint a picture of the event for law enforcement officials, including:

  • The witness’s name and contact information
  • Where the witness was located during the accident
  • Where the witness was coming from and where they were going
  • Whether or not the witness had a clear view of the accident
  • The date and time of the accident
  • What the traffic conditions were at the time of the accident
  • Whether or not the witness knows any of the people involved in the accident
  • An explanation of the events witnessed, in chronological order
  • Detailed descriptions of the surroundings and environment

Witness statements must be provided to the police or other authorities and should contain honest and accurate information. Misrepresenting a testimony can have severe consequences, including criminal charges.

Who Can Provide a Witness Statement?

Any individual that witnessed the accident with their own eyes can provide a witness statement. Examples of potential witnesses include someone walking by as the accident happened, someone working on a construction site by the accident, or utility workers on a job near the accident. To be used at a trial, a witness’ statement must contain first-hand knowledge rather than information obtained by relying on someone else’s recollection.

Why Witness Statements Matter

Car accident witness statements can make a major difference in a car accident insurance claim or lawsuit. These statements have the power to support claims of innocence, support claims of injury, discredit claims of injury, or support claims of guilt.

Some of the key benefits of car accident witness statements include:

  • They can provide proof: Witness statements can provide the information that law enforcement or insurance company officials need to determine who is at fault.
  • They can promote settlement: Statements can give both sides a good understanding of how a case is going to play out. Lawyers can review witness statements and determine whether or not the case should be settled or pursued further in court.
  • They can be used in court: Witness statements have proven to be powerful weapons in court cases. They can be read aloud and presented as evidence.

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