Bronx E-Bike Accident Attorneys

Lawyers for E-Bike Accidents For Bronx Residents

E-scooters, e-bikes, and other forms of pedestrian transportation devices are coming to New York in greater numbers now that Governor Cuomo has recently expanded their use. Revel, Bird, Lift, Spin, and other e-scooter companies are making arrangements to place their ridesharing scooters and bikes around various areas of New York. It is expected that all five boroughs could see heightened use of these devices.

The problem with so many people using e-scooters and e-bikes is that there is an inherently increased risk of serious accidents involving those riders by motorists who are speeding or just not paying attention to the road. If you are hurt by a vehicle while using an e-scooter, e-bike or other portable device in the Bronx, then call the attorneys of Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices at (718) 690-3132 as soon as possible. We can handle these cases and know the issues involving their use.

We can handle injury claims involving any scooter, board, moped and similar including:

  • Revel Scooters
  • Nanrobot Scooters
  • Razor ScootersBird Scooters
  • Lime Scooters
  • Mopeds
  • Boosted Boards
  • Boosted Revs
  • E-Bikes
  • E-Boards
  • E-Scooters
  • E-Skateboards
  • Hoverboards
  • Evolve Boards
  • Glion Scooters
  • Gotrax Scooters
  • Halo Boards
  • Halo Rovers
  • Inline Skates
  • LEVY Scooters
  • Longboards
  • Rollerblades
  • Segway Kickscooters
  • Swagtron Scooters
  • Unagi Scooters

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