Slip and fall accidents account for thousands of injuries each year in
the United States. Property owners owe a reasonable duty of care to visitors,
which means they must provide adequate warnings of dangerous conditions
that could lead to a slip and fall accident. There are several things
you can do to protect yourself and avoid a slip and fall accident.

You should:

  • Wear proper shoes. It is important to wear shoes that are comfortable, that are properly
    sized to your feet, and that have adequate traction. Stilettos or flip
    flops may put you at greater risk of a slip and fall accident than tennis
    shoes. While this doesn’t mean you have to wear tennis shoes all the
    time, it is important to keep in mind that stylish shoes aren’t always
    the safest.
  • Avoid distractions. Distracted driving is very dangerous. Distracted walking also poses serious
    risks. You need to be able to see where you are going, especially when
    you are going up or down stairs, crossing the street, or walking somewhere
    that has a lot of obstacles, like the aisles of a grocery store. It is
    also a good idea to keep your hands free in case you need to balance yourself
    or grab a hand rail. By paying attention to your surroundings, you can
    reduce your risk of a slip and fall accident and stay safe.
  • Pay attention to the surface of the floor. Slick floor surfaces, such as smooth tile, could cause you to lose traction,
    especially if you are wearing old shoes or high heels. Wet or damp floors,
    as well as cracked pavement or concrete, could also put you at risk. It
    is important to pay attention to the condition of the floor and to walk
    slowly to avoid slipping.
  • Scan for obstacles. When walking, it is important to scan the floor or path for obstacles that
    could cause you to trip. These include power cords, toys, boxes, shoes,
    ledges, steps, and other obstacles. By looking ahead, you can see these
    hazardous conditions and avoid an accident.
  • Pay attention to warning signs. Property owners must remove all hazardous conditions on their property
    that could cause an injury. However, if they are not feasibly able to
    remove the condition, they must at least put a warning sign to alert guests.
    It is important to pay attention and look for warning signs when you go
    to a restaurant, shopping center, business office, or other location.
    If you see a “Wet Floor” sign, you should walk slowly and
    exercise caution. By paying attention to warning signs, you can stay alert
    and help avoid a slip and fall accident.

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